Monday, February 21, 2011

Crows. Everywhere, crows.

I make this post with some trepidation. I've been working on an experimental side project whenever I run out of steam on my thesis work and need a change of direction. The work in progress below is typographic and is far outside my comfort zone. However, inexperience has not stopped me from mangling some letter-forms.

The experimental hypothesis has been: can a laser printer make prints bigger than the maximum printable area? The answer has been a definitive yes. By folding paper two and four times, I have been able to produce eight and sixteen sided prints from letter and tabloid sized laser printers. In numbers, that is a 34inch by 44inch print from an 11x17 printer.

Below is a 'full-sized sketch.' Some ideas just have to be seen at scale, but this piece is far from finished. Think of it as the 'first state' of a poster. It is 22 by 34 inch laser-print on newsprint. Very grungy materials for a very grungy design. For state two I will be spacing the 'MURDER' letters by hand to avoid the seams and maximize readability. I will also try a version with graphite-rubbing 'CAW's' from metal type. Laser-printers don't like flat areas, so the more texture I can bring into the print the better.

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