Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Print Exchange 2010.

Every semester, those printmakers who feel they just don't have enough stuff to do form a group and promise to edition a work of personal art in the exact number of group-members, and when finished the prints are traded and everybody gets a stack of cool prints. This year's print exchange theme was 'messages.'

To that end, I invented a company to challenge the bicycle-courier monopoly on same-day inter-city deliveries. My brave new startup is called URBAN-THEROPOD and we use genetically recreated and enhanced dinosaurs to beat the traffic and deliver packages. Visit the website to learn more. All 22 members of the print exchange got an individualized authentic URBAN-THEROPOD parcel containing a tall-format promotional poster, folded twice to fit.

And a detail of the slowpoke biker:

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