Saturday, April 3, 2010

site changes incoming

Hello dear readers. Blogspot has added some functionality to their blog templates, giving me more control over the appearance and navigation of this blog. Things may appear different (and possibly broken) as I fiddle with it over the next week. The goal is to migrate my portfolio the sidebar info. into 'pages' and expand the posting column to the width of the main banner. Also, once those changes are complete this blog will be redirecting to a dedicated custom url, which I have already registered. No more long and confusing web address that no one can remember.

update April 4: my URL is now live. forevermore will redirect to Also, like all good .coms you can skip the www and the internets will know what you want and redirect you here. Because blogspot will redirect you automatically, you don't have to update your bookmarks, but if you're a completionist like me you will update anyways. Now you can tell all your friends about Much easier to remember than before, right?

P.S. still tweaking, bear with me. blogspot doesn't allow me to test-run my changes privately before going live.

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