Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Awesome blog is tautologically awesome!

The blog looks better now. In fact, it is really more like a real-life grown-up website now. Its got a custom URL, no ads, a hand-crafted template and a clean, non-bloated navigation. Actually, I suppose that last part isn't necessarily true of grown-up sites. Have you seen Yahoo.com lately? YIKES.

Of course, it is not finished. There will be tweaking, and I still need to figure out how to get the portfolio section to work without giving the browser Tourrettes. In time...in time. If you're looking for old posts, you can find them in the page aptly labled 'ARCHIVE.' Sadly,  a search widget will likely never work with this blog. Blogspot royally screwed up that function in one of their 'optimizations.'  However, google.com still works perfectly if you remember your advanced search techniques. Did you know that you can limit your google search to a specific URL by prefacing your search with the "site:URL" term? Let's try it!

Say, for example, you really wish you could find that weird drawing of an 'ink monster' I did once, but you understandably have no idea which month of the archives to look under. Even if your memory was somehow that amazingly good, your journey would be stalled due to the fact that the archives sort posts by title and the 'ink monster' post is actually titled 'AARRGH.'

Try searching google for "site:www.ianonpaper.com ink monster" (lose the quotes) and you will shortly have your answer. 

Leave some feedback if you have an opinion. There is tweaking to be done.

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