Monday, February 8, 2010

Words on Wheels roughs.

This week in concepts we are working with Words on Wheels, which is an annual collaboration between MICA juniors, the MTA, and Baltimore schools to produce illustrations based on poems written by schoolchildren. A handful of winners will be printed and placed inside city buses where commuters can read a poem and enjoy some artwork in a spot typically reserved for advertisements.

My poem is by an eighth grader and is titled "Determination." I've sketched out three different concepts. Chime in if you have a favorite.

Determination fish gobbles planktons.

'sky's the limit'

Determination sheep endure in a strange landscape.


Sheila said...

I like your sketch in drawing #1 a lot, but I can see where "sky's the limit" in #2 might be catchy for the bus sign....get riders thinking.... I really think either one would be a success.

Sheila said...

Expression in the fish eyes and faces are terrific.