Thursday, December 17, 2009

recent acquisition

Bought this safco drafting desk from a MICA alum on craigslist. I've been looking for a desk like this for about a year, and now I finally have one! 2280 square inches of working surface with 50 degrees of tilt capability. Believe it or not this table was easier to transport than my safco flat files. It may weigh over 200 pounds, but it disassembles into manageable pieces with only a screwdriver. It had an adhesive mat over the top which I removed (thank you goo-gone) to reveal the flawless original melamine drawing surface. The tilt-crank was also missing a key part that made the top wobble when tilted, but for under four dollars I fabricated a replacement with steel angles and bolts from the hardware store. It is perfect now.

I am resurfacing my old desk with polyurethane to use as a workbench.

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Sheila said...

WOW! I love it!! Good for you to keep looking until you found exactly what you wanted.